I'M Adee

About Me

I am a student pursuing BS in Computer Science. With a passion for technology and marketing, I have obtained the LinkedIn Certified Marketing Insider certification. Currently, I am focused on learning web development and exploring the exciting field of blockchain development. As a budding entrepreneur, I strive to combine my technical skills with innovative ideas. I truly enjoy coding and consider myself a tech enthusiast. Moreover, I am a firm believer in the power of Web3 and the potential it holds for shaping the future of the internet.

My Projects

Felix Diesels

This is a Website made for a reputed business that sells diesel injectors of multiple brands to a large number of users.

Amazon.com Clone

As any other fresher into development i too made a clone.So have a look at my almost similar looking amazon.com clone.

Apple.com Clone

An ambitious Apple-inspired clone website project, showcasing my web development skills and passion for creating innovative digital experiences.

Technologies I Work With